In 2006, YETI founders, brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders, set out to build a cooler without compromise. They were tired of handles breaking apart, latches snapping off, and lids caving in year after year. Ordinary ice chests were cutting outdoor adventures short and regularly costing money to replace. So, they decided to create a solution — to engineer a cooler that could keep ice for days, one that was durable enough for anglers to stand on and cast from, one that was completely different than any cooler that had come before it. That’s how YETI Coolers was founded, and when the legendary Tundra® Cooler hit the market. It was a cooler made especially for the serious outdoor enthusiast rather than the occasional camper. One that can get dropped out of a truck, dragged through the backcountry, withstand any weather, and still be game for more. One that is virtually indestructible and designed to be irreplaceable.
Since 2006, we’ve built even more products taht stand up to the hazards of the wild so you can stay out longer, travel farther, and live harder. No matter where the wild takes you there’s a YETI ready to tackle your next adventure head on.