The ping of gravel, under tyres, sings through the air, as the driver door opens and a right leg appears. The door closes and the sound of water, spiced with the calls of birds and a telling breeze begins filtering down to attentive ears. The rear door opens and an exodus of gear begins.
A special door into the world of a fly-fisherman has just opened. Come on in!
But, this isn’t just any fly-fisherman. This is an artist/fly-fisherman. A person who spends many days on and in the water, in pursuit of the intended focus: Fish. Being an artist, this fly-fisherman is keen to observe the ambient environment; the life all around as the pursuit-of-fish ensues. Elements of nature are not mere background, relegated to innocuous moments. No, they are – each one – valued elements of the full orchestra, just beginning to tune.
This… is the world of Trevor Hawkins.
Trevor hails from Victoria, Australia, and has been a fly-fisherman for more than five decades. As an artist since his teens, he’s always in pursuit of ‘the visual’. His search naturally culminates in a series of sketches and paintings, composed in his unique style. Fish and their environment are Trevor’s primary interest. His fly-fishing adventures provide many such encounters. Being an artist, and one who embodies his environment, he is constant, in-pursuit of image information of all types. Not neglecting the many birds, animals and other elements, natural to regular encounters.
Trevor produces images, primarily in the watercolour medium, he can and will work in acrylic and does sublime pencil renderings as well. His interpretations come by way of an ingrained knowledge of anatomy, structure, environmental association and a primal sense of awareness. The ‘Hawkins Touch’, gives each work of art, an imbued embodiment of – his connection – to the subject’s inner marrow.
A Hawkins creation is not merely a thing of beauty, it is a rendering of the real thing. Whether it’s fly-fishing, birding, hunting, travel, or just daily living, a Hawkins work-of-art, is a story you’ll continue to relive for decades and beyond.
Explore the engaging art world of Trevor Hawkins through his Facebook page, Trevor Hawkins. Contact him, via Facebook PM/Messenger or by email, at
Trevor uses his artworks to support several non-profits in Australia and overseas, he often also gives his art to help individuals and clubs with special requests for help. He places a strong emphasis on supporting non-profits helping people suffering from depression and breast cancer research and rehabilitation. He also advocates for, and supports groups helping underprivileged children experience the outdoors and those working to encourage more young girls and women into fishing and hunting.