RENE VAZ – MD Manic Tacle Project

Since the age of 19. Rene Vaz has been highly involved (obsessed!?) in the NZ fly fishing and tackle industry. Rene is a past New Zealand Fly Fishing Champion and NZ team member, he is an FFF and STANIC Fly Casting Instructor, holds an Masters Degree with Honours in Fisheries Biology and Management and has worked for and advised a number of tackle companies throughout the globe. Basically, Rene lives and breathes fly fishing. Rene started Manic Tackle Project in 2008 from his garage at home and after a few years of hard work, late nights, large glasses of wine and some great customers they have successfully grown the company into Australasia’s largest and most respected fly fishing distributor. On working in this industry “ Who would have thought a misspent youth of playing with fishing gear in your room as a kid could turn into a career….”