Martin Droz

Martin Droz
Martin Droz

Martin Droz is one of the world’s best ever fly fishing competitors and is the first ever multiple world champion (4 world championship gold medals) to guide in Australia!
Martin has been passing on his river fishing skills to Australian anglers during his brief visits to Australia over the past few years.
He has been employed by Fly Fish Australia as the skills coach and technical advisor for the Australian national fly fishing team. In 2017, his immeasurable contribution helped Australia to our best ever world championship result on mainland Europe.
From European nymphing to dry fly and wet fly fishing, Martin understands it all. He is seen as one of the world’s best river anglers, and is also at home on Tasmanian lakes.
Martin won a staggering thirteen international medals between 2004 and 2014!
He has individually won:
1st place World Championships 2008
2nd place World Championships 2013
3rd place World Championships 2006
1st place European Championships 2012
3rd place European Championships 2014
Martin has also won four team World Championship gold medals, two silvers and one bronze along with three other European team gold medals!
Martin’s first world championships was in Australia in 1999 and he has won multiple Czech titles and medals in his home country. His teaching and guiding experience extends throughout many European countries and across the globe. Amongst his peers there is no argument that he is the best in his field. His sense of humour, patience and humble, caring nature, endears him to all.
With a resume never seen before on Australian soil, his popularity is obvious. Martin has come to Australia from the Czech Republic to guide for Rainbow Lodge Guided Fly Fishing Tasmania.
Martin will be at the Expo both days, so drop by and talk to him about rods, lines, flies, techniques and more. You will find him hanging out at the Mayfly Tackle stand.