Judith Oliver

Judith OliverJudith is late comer to the world of Fly Fishing and became the first female FFI Certified Casting Instructor in the Sothern Hemisphere with the help of Peter Hayes at Cressy. She is still very much the perpetual student with an inquisitive mind and has a gentle natural style and approach as a Fly-Fishing Instructor.
Her idol is Joan Wulff and she has been very fortunate to have spent time with Joan in New York State.
After returning from meeting Joan I was rapt to help Peter Hayes begin the Girls Gone Fly Fishing Weekend Workshop. This annual weekend event has grown to become a wonderful avenue for women to not only meet and exchange ideas but aimed at increasing skill levels while having fun at the same time.
The natural world has always captivated her interest and the introduction to fly fishing just seemed to feel right. From the challenges of saltwater to the technical skills of freshwater fly fishing keeps her busy planning new adventures to incorporate both passions, while still working full time job as an Orthopaedic Nurse in Sydney.
Judith has travelled to many destinations around the World fly fishing, both fresh and saltwater.
Judith will be running the Ladies – Lessons in Fly Fishing at the Expo. You will need to book.